Working on Permanent Vacation?

Working on a permanent vacationMore and more people are enjoying extra freedom with work on a permanent vacation. This type of freedom allows individuals to work from just about anywhere without ever having to physically visit an office location or commute into work day in and day out.

Because of advancements in cloud computing and web applications it’s getting much easier for anyone to work from home or from anywhere else in the world. We live in a special time were we instantly have information access at our fingertips 24 hours a day. For people of certain skill sets working certain jobs it’s quite possible to work anywhere where you have access to an Internet connection.

This means that many people are moving not only ever the office but also choosing to live and work as they travel. There are elite few sometimes going by names like digital nomads, telecommuters, travailing workers and beach workers who choose to live in foreign countries or exotic lands for extended vacations as they continue to work online.

Let’s face it, if you’re from North America there are places around the world that you would certainly like to visit and that are much more inexpensive to live in. Spending a year in South-east Asia or Thailand would give you an opportunity to manage a business or to continue job in a veritable paradise. There are many different workers who start a business or work freelance all while visiting another country and spending time on the beach. Now it’s not unusual to walk through resort communities in South-east Asia and see people laying out by the pool with laptops enjoying a cool beer and getting some work done.

Working and living in Thailand

The exchange rate is definitely on your side and you can adopt a brand-new lifestyle of fun and pleasure completing as much or as little work as you want. There are some great methods for which you can start earning money 24 hours a day, seven days a week with help from managed outsourced workers online and a freelance community. Eventually you can get to the point where you can build up of business where you simply work as a manager to multiple employees across the world making  multiple revenue streams in a few different industries. This type of business takes some time to build up but once it’s established you can start to work from the beach and make money while you are having fun.

Work From The Beach – Inspired Freelance

If you’ve ever dreamt of living in a foreign or exotic land or working from your smart phone or laptop on a beach all day, there are plenty of opportunities available to you. Take some extra time and get involved with some of the opportunities you might be able to find online. You never know the freedom that they can reward you with. You could easily escape your 9-to-5 desk job and adopting new lifestyle of endless summer on the beach.

For more inspiring ideas to help you work on a permanent vacation, from the beach or to live a laptop lifestyle click here.

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   Working on a Permanent Vacation

Work From the Beach Where Everyday is a Holiday

Work From the Beach Where Everyday is a Holiday

work from the beach

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Long gone are the days of a job for life, that’s a fact we can all agree on. What is coming more apparent with each new passing year is that you don’t have to travel to the office to work now too. Many people choose to work from home and occassionally make the commute to work while others have found ways to make money from home and abandoned the commute completely.

Some of us have taken the freedom to live and work where we choose to another level. Technology and cheap travel has afforded us to be able to live and work where we choose, a foreign and exotic land, a tropical paradise island or even on the beach.

Work From The Beach – The Endless Summer

I moved to Thailand in South East Asia over two years ago and manage my business back in London UK from this incredibly amazing country. Some days I’m by the pool, some days in a coffee shop (drinking tea!!) and some days I can be found working from the beach with nothing more than a mac book pro or sometimes just my smartphone (I use a Galaxy S3).

It really is a sweet and easy lifestyle and you can do it to once you discover how to work online, manage outsource workers, and build multiple revenue streams so that all your eggs are not in one basket. I’ll show you how you can make money 24/7 if you are working from the beach, just goofing around, spending time with your family or enjoying a cool beer with friends.

You see, once you learn the basic principals of Internet marketing and start generating an income online, you can break away from the relentless rat race, the time/money payoff that cripples your social and creative life. Now is the time to escape all the doom and gloom that prevails in the western world and start to learn how you can adopt your new lifestyle by working just a few hours from the beach or anywhere else you choose.

Work From The Beach